BRG Collective

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The BRG collective is a practical investigation and research group. Put simply, we find out about things by doing.

The BRG collective is itself an experiment in collaboration. Over the 5 years BRG has been going it has been constantly evolving: Membership has changed and fluctuated; Motives, goals, aims and methods have changed; Productivity has certainly had it's ups and downs!

The point is that the BRG collective exists to be a challenge to it's members. How can we work together? And when we do, why are we doing it?

Each member of BRG is a practicing artist/curator in their own right. Being part of the collective is not a full time job. We try to work on at least 1 or 2 projects a year. This website documents some of the things BRG have been up to over the past 5 years including 'In Numbers', a catalogue of collaboration that draws views and experience of collaboration in art from practitioners across the UK. It's a good read, you really should get yourself a copy ;)

Feel free to contact us: MAIL[at]B-R-G[dot]ORG

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